Your home should have the same hygiene and cleanliness outside as it has inside. Here you will find all the equipment you are looking for both internal and external cleaning of the housing estate you live in, and the buildings you have built or are building. BSY, with its products that support your environmental awareness, provides you with hygiene also outside your home.

Cleaning Chemicals and Machines

Indoor corridors and elevators, social facilities of the housing estates and parking lots are areas where cleaning should be done professionally. The correct selection of cleaning chemicals to be used in these areas should not disturb the natural structure of the materials used while providing you with hygiene. BSY Kurumsal is an important solution partner in the cleaning processes of housing estates, construction companies and construction sites with the building maintenance chemicals in its portfolio. We supply you hygiene at every point of your living space with surface cleaners that make your floors look shiny and natural, inox polishers that care and clean the stainless steel areas of your elevators, tire marks from parking lot floors, neutral floor cleaning chemicals and disinfectants and soaps that can be used in your social facilities. 

It is very important for your cleaning staff to use products correctly and prevent unnecessary consumption. The best way to keep your chemical consumption costs under control is to use dosage equipment and dilution units. BSY ensures you the controlled and effective use of products by using the latest system dosing equipment.

Cleaning machines are your biggest assistant in cleaning public living areas. It is not possible to clean your wide corridors, social facilities and parking lots with manual equipment. Thanks to professional cleaning machines, you can clean much faster and more effectively. Cleaning machine selection requires expertise, after machine selection, your staff should be supported by training processes. BSY Kurumsal is a reliable business partner in your cleaning machine supply and training processes with its long years of experience. 

Beverage and Kitchen Products

We offer you the social facility areas that you always need such as tea and coffee varieties, cold drinks, candies, tea glasses and mixers, disposable cups and plates, and the daily kitchen consumption needs of construction site employees with a very wide portfolio. In each product group, we work directly with the leading manufacturers in their field, thus significantly reducing your kitchen costs.

Cleaning Tissues

Washroom are the most important areas for cleaning in work environments where many people work together, such as housing estates and social facilities of buildings and construction sites. Cleaning tissues should be used for the hygiene of your staff in toilets and rest rooms. It is both economical and hygienic to choose industrial products such as Z-Fold towels, sensor machine towels, center-pull toilet paper and Jumbo toilet paper.

With our patented brand Secco, we offer you cleaning tissues that can be used in the washroom of housing estates, construction companies and construction sites with superior quality and competitive prices. We invest in industrial tissue dispenser systems that will reduce your costs, and we reduce your tissue expenses thanks to controlled consumption. We both consider your budget and contribute to protecting the environment.

Waste Management Products

Waste processes in housing estates and buildings with collective living spaces should be managed carefully and in a planned manner. In addition to household waste, recyclable plastic, metal and glass waste should be stored separately. You should carefully choose the garbage bags that collect these wastes. Choosing a quality product suitable for the job to be used allows you to control your costs.

BSY supplies the products you need on your housing estate, such as garbage bags, recycling bins, garbage containers and outdoor garbage dumpsters, at the most affordable prices. Consideration is given to your budget with 100% recycled garbage bags while a contribution is made to protecting the environment.

Cleaning Equipment

Housing estates are comprised of different areas that need cleaning and are independent from each other, such as inside buildings, outside areas, parking lots and social facilities. Equipment selection according to the characteristics of the areas to be cleaned allows both more hygienic and much faster cleaning.

BSY provides service with an extensive cleaning equipment portfolio that can be used in different areas of enterprises that require intensive cleaning such as housing estates and construction sites. Microfiber cleaning cloths, mops and mop apparatus, cleaning sponges, floor and glass cleaning apparatus, disposable gloves, etc. that are both economical and high quality products are available in its portfolio.

Stationery products

Housing estate managements have a substantial need for stationery, from warning signs to displaying cleaning plans, from preparing utility due charts to keeping books and records. In order to provide permanent and quality service to the residents of apartment and housing estates, they must be equipped with the correct stationery materials. Construction companies, just like housing estate management, keep records and provide controls so that the construction activities, which are their main business, are not interrupted. BSY and their expert team continue to serve its customers with quality products for the supply of all stationery materials they need both in the field and in the office. 

Cartridge and Toners

There are no businesses that do not need a printer. There are printers in every office, in every industry, whether small or large. Housing estate, construction company and construction site managements also use printers of different capacities according to their needs. Original and high-quality equivalent cartridges, toners and ribbons are among the BSY Kurumsal product portfolio. BSY Corporate offers its customers original and high quality equivalent toner of international brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, Oki, Epson, Xerox, Lexmark, together with compatible printer information.