The support of a “business partner” with products from reliable brands in professional hygiene is always necessary. The professional cleaning chemicals in BSY Kurumsal’s extensive portfolio are your invisible assistants in the kitchen. The satisfaction of your customers is ensured with the tissue apparatus and superior quality tissues that add value to your wahroom. BSY Kurumsal presents you with an extensive portfolio from cleaning chemicals to tissue products, from garbage bags to disposable packaging products from a single source. 

Cleaning Chemicals and Machines

Unlike homes, restaurants and cafes need professional solutions for cleaning. Industrial kitchens and common areas of customers are areas where hygiene standards should be superior. As BSY Kurumsal, we serve you with a wide portfolio of cleaning chemicals for your professional needs.

While we help you raise hygiene standards in your restaurant, we do not increase your costs. We ensure controlled consumption by using innovative dosage and dilution units. We create systems that facilitate the work of your cleaning staff and support their integration into your work flow processes.

Mops and mop systems are a part of professional cleaning, and the use of cleaning machines enables to achieve much more effective and fast results. Choosing the right cleaning machine for your business requires expertise. With its long years of experience, BSY provides consultancy services on the selection of cleaning machines for restaurants and cafes, and supplies an extensive portfolio of international brands to its customers. Ensuring that your personnel use the equipment effectively is just as important as the selection of the Cleaning Machine. With the support of our expert staff and partners, we provide a perfect service and regular training for your staff. 

Cleaning Tissues

We deliver high standards as well as reduce your costs with the leading brands in the world and Turkey.  It is very important that washroom areas are clean. Creating a clean and stylish environment that your customers will notice is possible with the right selection of cleaning tissue and soap dispenser. We redesign the common areas of washrrom with the products of the world’s leading manufacturers of cleaning tissues and hygiene products, and offer both visuality and hygiene together with very elegantly designed matching tissue and soap dispensers.

In industrial kitchen areas, chefs and kitchen staff have to clean while preparing food. Fast and practical cleaning solutions are needed in the food preparation process that competes with time. We contribute to your cleaning processes with tissue dispenser and high quality absorbent cleaning tissues that facilitate kitchen work. 

With our patented brand Secco, we are able to offer you tissue products that can be used in all areas of your restaurant and cafe, with superior quality and competitive prices.

In addition to offering standard table top napkins, we provide controlled and hygienic use with special napkin dispensers that can be used in self-service and fast food restaurants.

Waste Management Products

Food waste is a problem that needs to be solved at the end of busy working days for restaurants and cafes. Waste disposal is an important cost item. It is very important to choose the correct waste bag to transport food waste. Since food waste is heavy, we help you choose the correct thickness and quality garbage bag. Our patented brand Secco garbage bags are the symbol of luxury and quality. With our Secco branded wide product family, we offer you a product portfolio of garbage bags suitable for every usage area.

We are at your side in every area you need in the management of your waste with a wide portfolio from metal and plastic trash cans to containers for your restaurant.

Consumable Cleaning materials

It is very important to use the correct material for a professional cleaning system. Cleaning equipment is selected according to the characteristics of the area for cleaning tables, toilets and sinks, industrial kitchen areas, exterior windows and floors. BSY Kurumsal offers a wide range of cleaning equipment to restaurant customers, customized for every area. Cleaning cloths, mop systems, sponges, floor and glass cleaning apparatus, disposable gloves, etc. which are both economical and superior quality are available in our portfolio.

We offer services with a wide range of personal hygiene products such as hand disinfectants, masks, disposable outfits that you can use for your customers and are necessary for your personal hygiene.

Packaging and Disposable Products

The correct storage of materials to be used in industrial kitchen operation processes is very important in addition to cleaning. Stretch film and aluminum foil is used extensively in restaurants when necessary and to store food. Stretch film and aluminum foil should be selected in a thickness that meets the need and in accordance with food contact. In addition, the lengths of the products to be used during the selection must be determined correctly. BSY Kurumsal offers solutions that will accurately determine your needs and reduce your costs.

There is a need for disposable products such as disposable pots and bowls, straws, plastic forks, spoons and knives in restaurants that provide takeaway service. The products you use in package service come in direct contact with your customers. They should be functional and reflect your quality to your customer. BSY supplies a wide portfolio of the products of leading packaging and disposable product manufacturers in the field to its restaurant customers.

Stationery products

Restaurants and cafes are always lively and their stationery needs are important. They use thermal rolls and photocopy paper for customer checks, order slips, and package service delivery. They need high-quality ballpoint pens to note customer orders, and notepads to deliver orders to kitchen units. BSY serves all restaurant and cafe businesses with a stationery product group comprised of selected products of renown and recognized brands. 

Cartridge and Toners

Restaurants and cafes are always active and as they are in the business they care about the submission of delivery services on time. The printouts from their printers transmit the package contents and customer addresses to service personnel. They must use original and high quality cartridges, toner and ribbons to ensure continuity in service. BSY Kurumsal offers its customers original and high quality equivalent toner from international brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, Oki, Epson, Xerox, Lexmark, together with compatible printer information.