Office means half home. BSY, which provides you the facilities in your home where most of your day passes with an extensive portfolio, with your consumable needs from hot and cold beverages, cleaning tissues, stationery products to cartridges and toners for your office. With the environmentally friendly cleaning products we offer for office cleaning, we consider nature as well as applications that reduce your costs and affordable prices.

Beverage and Kitchen Products

When your customers or suppliers visit your office, a hot tea or coffee service is a symbol of Turkish hospitality. Office workers relax with hot drinks such as tea and coffee in between long meetings. Instead of glassware glasses and cups, plastic and paper cups are both hygienic and practical in crowded offices.

BSY offers a wide portfolio of daily consumption needs such as tea and coffee varieties, herbal and fruit teas, cold drinks such as soda, cola and water, candies, tea glasses and mixers, disposable cups and plates. supplies. In each product group, we work directly with the leading manufacturers in their field, thus significantly reducing your kitchen costs.

Cleaning Tissues

Professional solutions are required for the washroom of offices to ensure the hygiene in your home. It is necessary to differentiate the products used in homes, and to present personal hygiene products in the common usage area as if they are used individually. For this, it is very ideal to use cleaning tissue dispensers where the person only touches the cleaning paper he uses. Paper products such as paper towels, toilet paper and napkins to be used in offices should have high strength, softness and high absorbency properties. It is also very important that the tissue and soap dispenser used comply with the architectural design of the carefully designed offices.

As BSY Kurumsal, we redesign your washroom with the products of the world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning tissues and hygiene products, and bring them to the highest standards with very elegantly designed paper and soap dispenser that can be presented as a set. 

With our patented brand Secco, we can offer you products such as Z-fold paper towels, sensor paper towels, center-pull (practical) toilet paper, jumbo toilet paper, service napkins that you can use in the washroom of your office with superior quality and competitive prices. We make investments in tissue dispenser systems that will reduce your costs, and we reduce your tissue expenses thanks to controlled consumption. This way, we enable you to control your expenses and contribute to protecting the environment.

Cleaning Chemicals and Machines

The working rooms, meeting rooms, toilets, kitchens and corridors of offices should be cleaned separately and carefully. For the cleaning of every area, cleaning chemicals that do not harm human health and are environmentally friendly and capable of removing dirt in public living areas should be used. While products containing disinfectants are preferred in toilets and bathrooms, neutral chemicals should be chosen on surfaces that are in contact with hands, such as tables. The correct selection of cleaning chemicals to be used for carpets and hard floors is very important in order not to damage the floors.

As BSY, we serve our office customers with a wide portfolio of professional products, general cleaning and building care products, kitchen cleaning chemicals, disinfectant products, floor cleaning chemicals. We include the cleaning staff of the offices in regular training programs containing the latest innovations, and we help you reduce your consumption subject to correct product use.

In addition to professional products, we supply you with national brand products at the most affordable prices, we help you to maximize the hygiene standards of your office.

We are at your side with a wide portfolio of powerful vacuum cleaners that you always need in your office, floor cleaning machines that you need for cleaning your parking and common areas. We do not only provide sales services for the products, we provide training on machine use, we offer a perfect service with the support of our partners.

Waste Management Products

Wastes generated in offices should be separated and disposed of according to their recycling properties. Color-separated recycling units can be used to separate waste such as glass waste, kitchen waste, paper and cardboard waste, batteries. Choosing a garbage bag that will be suitable for these recycling units is also very important. Garbage bags must be made of recycled materials and have a leak-proof and non-explosive feature.

Our patented brand Secco garbage bags are the symbol of economy and quality. With our Secco branded garbage bags produced from environmentally friendly and recycled raw materials, we offer our office customers a product portfolio with suitable carrying capacity for every usage area.

With the specially designed recycling units that will provide integrity with the architectural design of your offices, we provide the opportunity to support your organization with an environmentally friendly approach and make your spaces have a high level of visuality.

Cleaning Equipment and supplies

Cleaning equipment to be used in the cleaning of offices should be carefully selected according to the cleaning work to be done and the application area.

As BSY, we serve our office customers with a very wide portfolio that includes all kinds of cleaning products you may need. Microfiber cleaning cloths, mops, cleaning and dish sponges, cleaning buckets, floor and glass cleaning apparatus, disposable gloves, floor pads, etc. that are both economical and of superior quality are products that are available in our portfolio. 

Stationery products

Office, bureau, business, shop… Don’t the sets and equipment on the desks appear before your eyes when these words are mentioned? Tape, glue, pen and pencil holders, eraser, stapler, staples, envelopes, folders, plastic bags, all kinds of pens, file pools, stamps, note paper, sticky notes.

The stationery deficiencies of the offices never end. The company meets all stationery needs from a single source with the products of BSY Kurumsal’s distinguished brands.

Cartridge and Toner

One of the indispensable actions of offices is printing from printers. The print button of the printer is constantly in motion for the pre-meeting report, customer list, payment list, instructions, procedures, excel tables. Imagine if the staff could not read the printouts and could not get printouts because of the toner out warning. With BSY Kurumsal, these problems are eliminated. BSY Kurumsal offers its customers original and high quality equivalent toner of international brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, Oki, Epson, Xerox, Lexmark, together with compatible printer information.