The cleanliness in your hotel should be noticeable. BSY Kurumsal supplies you professional cleaning products that will ensure your indoor hygiene. The company produces solutions that will help your housekeepers and kitchen teams. Allows you to supply 4000 kinds of products from professional cleaning machines to garbage bags in the fastest way from a single source.

Cleaning Chemicals and Machines

Cleaning processes in hotels are managed by professional teams. Housekeepers and kitchen staff are always on duty. Different processes are followed in the cleaning of rooms, corridors, meeting rooms, lobby areas, toilets and bathrooms, sports halls, restaurants and kitchen areas. Chemicals used with concentrated dosage equipment are generally preferred in hotels. This way, both controlled consumption and costs are controlled, and the use of wrong products is prevented in busy work pace.

As BSY Kurumsal, we raise the hygiene standards to the highest level with our partners who produce professional cleaning chemicals for hotels. We include cleaning staff in regular training programs that include the latest innovations, and we help you reduce your consumption subject to correct product use.

By using the latest system dosing equipment, we enable you to use products in a controlled and effective manner. This way, we significantly reduce your operating costs.

Silent vacuum cleaners for rooms, wet and dry vacuum cleaners for wet floors, polish and polishing machines for corridors, carpet washing machines for carpet floors, floor cleaning machines for lobby areas and parking lots, floor sweeping machines for outdoor areas are the products that should be included in the portfolio of every hotel..

As BSY Kurumsal, we bring you the products of the world’s leading cleaning machine manufacturers without being bound by a single brand, and we provide perfect hygiene in all areas of your hotel. We provide trainings on machine use and a perfect service with the support of our partners.

Cleaning Tissues

In hotels, cleaning tissues are used in different areas such as hotel rooms, common area toilets, restaurants, kitchens, spa and gym toilets. Cleaning tissues with different properties are preferred according to the area of ​​use. While home-type toilet paper and box tissue products are used intensely in hotel rooms where customers are accommodated, center-pull towels in the kitchen areas, napkin products in the restaurant, and sensor machine towel products are preferred in the common area rest rooms.

With our patented brand Secco, we can offer you tissue products that can be used in all areas of your hotel with superior quality and competitive prices.

We redesign your common area rest rooms with our partners, the leading manufacturers in their field, and bring them to the highest standards with very stylishly designed tissue and soap apparatus that can be presented as a set. We offer the most effective solutions for industrial kitchen areas, we reduce your expenses by using high quality products systematically. 

Waste Management Products

Hotels are businesses where life continues 24 hours per day. A waste management process should be established and followed in the restaurant, hotel rooms, lobby areas, outdoor areas and kitchen areas within this rapid cycle. Separating waste with recycling units and protecting the environment by using biodegradable garbage bags are the most valuable parts of the process. 

Our patented brand Secco garbage bags are the symbol of economy and quality. We contribute to the waste management processes of hotels with our Secco branded garbage bag products. We offer you suggestions for using products of the right thickness in the right areas, thus contributing to controlling your costs. We support you in protecting the environment with our garbage bags made of 100% recycled products. 

With recycling units specially designed for hotel common areas, we provide the opportunity to support an environmentally friendly approach to your organization and bring your spaces to a high level of visuality.

Cleaning Equipment

The cleaning process never stops in hotels that are businesses that live 24 hours. The cleaning equipment used by Housekeeper teams specialized in their field are their biggest helper. It is possible to perform much faster and effective cleaning by using specialized equipment for each area to be cleaned.

As BSY Kurumsal, we provide service with a wide portfolio that includes all kinds of products that our hotel customers may need for cleaning. Microfiber Cloths, mop and mop apparatus, cleaning sponges, Floor and Glass cleaning equipment, disposable gloves, floor pads, etc. of both economical and superior quality are products available in our portfolio. 

Packaging and Medical Products

Hotels’ kitchens work almost 24 hours. Kitchen personnel rely heavily on packaging products such as nitrile and latex gloves, disposable storage containers, stretch film and aluminum foil. Hotel personnel consume beverage products using disposable glasses as a practical and healthy solution in a busy working tempo.

As BSY Kurumsal, we provide you with the most affordable prices for packaging products such as plastic and paper cups, containers and bowls, stretch film and aluminum foils that are needed in the kitchen sections of the hotels.

We offer you a wide range of disposable gloves, masks, overshoes, bonnets, overalls and protective outfits with an extensive portfolio.


Hotels want to host their guests in comfort. They want to meet the basic stationery needs of hotel guests such as ballpoint pens, A4 paper, envelopes, staplers and staples. In addition, the stationery needs of hotel employees and departments are also continuous. They need A4 paper for the printout of records, a plastic file to sort papers, binder files and plastic folders to store them. Ballpoint pens, signature pens, envelopes, agendas are among the basic stationery needs of hotels, just like all businesses. BSY Kurumsal equipped the stationery product group with the products of distinguished brands in order to eliminate the stationery needs of all hotels.

Cartridge and Toner

Hotels want to respond to their customers’ requests. They need a printer and A4 paper for the forms to be signed, contracts and registration printouts. They should use original and high quality equivalent cartridges, toner and ribbons to ensure continuity in service. BSY Corporate offers its customers original and high quality equivalent toner of international brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, Oki, Epson, Xerox, Lexmark, together with compatible printer information.