Hygiene and cleanliness are indispensable in a hospital. Cleaning in hospitals is critical to prevent the spread of disease. We provide hygiene at every point of your hospital with ecological cleaning chemicals and world-class cleaning equipment. We offer you economical solutions with all kinds of products you need in your waste management and reduce your operating costs. We are always at your service with our 100% hygienic tissue dispenser and internationally certified cleaning tissue products that will make a difference with their visuality in the rest room areas.

Cleaning Chemicals and Machines

There are units in need of different cleaning and disinfection such as patient rooms, operating rooms, washroom , administrative areas in hospitals. Standard cleaning methods of these areas are not enough, disinfection should be done after cleaning. Floors, walls, toilets and sinks should be carefully cleaned and disinfected. As BSY Kurumsal, we supply professional cleaning chemicals and disinfectant products to hospitals, we raise hygiene standards to the highest level with the support of our leading manufacturer partners..  

Cleaning staff in hospitals should follow cleaning schedules prepared separately for each area to be cleaned. Cleaning personnel should have the right training and equipment and pay attention to details. As BSY Institutional, we include the cleaning staff of hospitals in regular training programs that include the latest innovations, and help you reduce your consumption subject to correct product use. We reduce your operating costs significantly this way.

It is not possible to clean the wide corridors, lobby areas and parking lots of hospitals with manual cleaning equipment. Professional cleaning machines should be used to clean these areas. In choosing a cleaning machine, criteria such as the feature of the floor to be cleaned, the size of the area to be cleaned and the frequency of cleaning should be determined and the machine should be selected. As BSY, we serve with a wide portfolio of vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning machines, steam machines, polish and polishing machines and floor sweeping machines that can be used by hospitals for their daily cleaning needs. We do not only sell machines, we provide training on machine use, we provide a perfect service with the support of our partners.

Cleaning Tissues

In hospitals, paper products such as hand towels, toilet paper, napkins and examination table covers are heavily consumed as part of hygiene standards. A good cleaning paper should have high strength, light weight, softness and high absorption capacity. Cleaning tissues should support personal use in areas such as hospitals where high hygiene standards are required. Only paper towel dispensers that allow the user to touch the paper used should be used to achieve this. In patient rooms, Z-Fold towels, box tissues, roll towels and toilet paper are consumed massively on a daily basis. It will be both economical and hygienic to choose systems suitable for intense consumption such as sensor machine towels, center-pull toilet paper, jumbo toilet rolls for common washroom and rest rooms.

As BSY, with Secco, our patented brand, we offer paper products that can be used in all areas of the hospital with superior quality and competitive prices. With our products produced with superior raw material quality, we maximize your patient and employee satisfaction, and reduce your costs with competitive prices.

We redesign your common area rest rooms with the products of the world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning papers and hygiene products, and offer a combination of visuality and hygiene with very elegantly designed tissue and soap dispenser that can be presented as a set.

Waste Management Products

It is very important to dispose of waste in hospitals in accordance with regulations. Medical wastes, used papers, packaging, household wastes should be collected separately and placed in tear-proof garbage bags. Garbage bags should be puncture-proof even with sharp materials such as needles and should never leak liquids. Putting each waste in separate garbage bags and garbage dumpsters determined according to color codes facilitates waste management processes in hospitals as well. In particular, medical waste should be collected and disposed of in red colored garbage bags that meet the standards specified in the regulations and have medical waste printed on them. 

As BSY, we offer quality and savings together with our patented brand Secco in your medical and household waste management. We reduce your waste management costs with our medical waste garbage bags produced from top quality raw materials in compliance with hospital regulations.

We supply our customers with a wide portfolio of medical waste bins, color-separated garbage bins, garbage containers and recycling products, which are an important part of hospital waste management.

Beverage and Kitchen Products

Hospitals are enterprises with a high number of employees consisting of administrative and medical personnel. Hospital staff rest and refresh with a hot tea or coffee during their breaks in a busy schedule. They meet their daily fluid needs with cold drinks such as sodas and water. It may not be possible to use glassware glasses and cups in large work areas such as hospitals. For this reason, employees use paper and plastic cups intensively. These disposable glasses, which do not require washing, provide both a practical and economical solution.

As BSY Kurumsal, we offer hospitals a wide product portfolio consisting of tea and coffee varieties, cold drinks, candies, tea glasses and mixers, disposable cups and plates. In each product group, we work directly with the leading manufacturers of their fields, thus we significantly reduce kitchen costs..

Cleaning equipment and supplies

It is very important to choose cleaning equipment according to application areas in hospitals where hygiene standards are very high. For example, in patient rooms, the room needs to be disinfected after coarse dirt is removed from the room. Areas such as countertops, walls and sinks in the room should be wiped. It is ideal to do this wiping with microfiber cloths separated according to color codes. The floors of areas such as patient rooms, operating rooms, toilets, corridors should be cleaned with mops separated according to color codes. The mops should be separated after use in a certain area and washed in a robust way to prevent the risk of contamination.

As BSY Kurumsal, we serve with a wide portfolio that includes all kinds of products that hospitals may need for cleaning. Microfiber cloths, mop and mop apparatus, cleaning sponges, floor and glass cleaning apparatus, disposable gloves, floor pads, etc. are among both economical and superior quality products included in our portfolio. 

Medical Disposable Products

During the cleaning of hospitals, cleaning staff should wear personal protective equipment. Depending on the nature of the area to be cleaned, masks, disposable gowns, protective glasses and latex or nitrile gloves should be used to avoid direct contact with contaminated surfaces. These equipment should be replaced immediately when the process is completed in the area to be cleaned, and should be disposed of in accordance with the rules.

As BSY Kurumsal, we supply a wide range of disposable gloves, masks, overshoes, bonnets, overalls and protective outfits, which are part of the daily operations of hospitals to our customers at the most economical prices.

Cartridge and Toner

In very busy businesses such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, printers run 24 hours a day and continue to print. Patient services units print forms for their patients, administrative units print out as part of their daily work flow. Cartridges, toners and ribbons, which are an important expense item for healthcare institutions and hospitals, must be supplied by the right suppliers through the right channels. BSY Kurumsal provides its customers with original and high-quality equivalent toners of international brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, Oki, Epson, Xerox, Lexmark, along with compatible printer information, and enables them to optimize their consumable expenses.


All health institutions and hospitals provide uninterrupted service. They must always be equipped and ready, whether for an examination or for patients who come to the emergency room. A4 papers for extracting patient forms, pens and writing instruments for reports and notes, file and archiving products for administrative units and all types of desktop stationery are always needed. Badges, neck straps and pens for doctors and nurses must always be available.

BSY Kurumsal supplies stationery products of selected brands, specialized in their fields, in the fastest way with a wide portfolio for health institutions and hospitals.