Hygiene and cleanliness in production facilities is reflected in your production quality. With common area hygiene, you will have a noticeable cleanliness in your factory or facility that is even indicated by how it smells. We are at your service with our professional hygiene solutions, from professional cleaning machines that you can use in your production areas to professional mop systems to keep dirt out, from hot and cold beverages to cleaning tissues, and a portfolio that meets all your consumption needs such as stationery, cartridges and toners, disposable products.

Beverage and Kitchen Products

Hot and cold beverage products are food products that are frequently consumed by personnel working in factories and production facilities. Your staff rest with hot drinks such as tea and coffee during their break. They meet daily liquid needs with products such as sodas and water.

As BSY Kurumsal, we offer you the daily consumption needs of factory and production facility employees that you always need in your kitchen, such as a very wide portfolio of tea and coffee varieties, cold drinks, candies, tea glasses and mixers, disposable cups and plates,. In each product group, we work directly with the leading manufacturers in their field, thus significantly reducing your kitchen costs.

Cleaning Tissues

Washroom and toilet in collective work areas such as factories and production facilities. Cleaning of such areas, which are very suitable for bacteria and viruses, is very important. Unlike household use, cleaning paper dispenser that can only be contacted by the user should be used in the common area toilets and rest rooms.

With the products of the world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning tissues and hygiene products, we redesign your common area rest rooms, and we provide hygiene at the highest standards with very stylishly designed paper and soap dispenser that can be presented as a set.

With our patented brand Secco, we can offer you the cleaning tissues that you can use in the washroom of your factory, with superior quality and competitive prices. We make investments in paper dispenser systems that will reduce your costs, and we reduce your paper expenses thanks to controlled consumption. This way, we ensure that you control your expenses and contribute to protecting the environment.

We provide hygienic solutions to all your cleaning processes with products such as napkin products used in the dining hall and kitchen areas of your businesses, disposable tissues and nonwoven cloths used for cleaning in production areas. 

Cleaning Chemicals and Machines

The cleaning methods that should be applied in factories and industrial facilities differ from homes. Professional solutions are needed for both the personal hygiene of the employees and the cleaning of the common areas.

Cleaning chemicals to be used should contain effective raw materials to provide the necessary hygiene in public living areas. Different floor types such as wood, marble, ceramic, granite, epoxy and carpet can be found in the office and production areas of a production facility. It is very important to choose the right cleaning chemical to clean these areas. Disinfectant products that prevent the reproduction of viruses and bacteria should be preferred in common area toilet and rest room cleaning.

As BSY Kurumsal, we serve factories with a wide range of professional products such as floor and building care products, kitchen cleaning chemicals and personal hygiene products such as disinfectants, masks and disposable outfits. 

The cleaning methods that should be applied in factories and industrial facilities differ from homes. We recommend the right products according to the areas to be cleaned in the production facilities, include regular training programs for your cleaning staff with the latest innovations, and help you reduce your consumption subject to correct product use. By using the latest system dosing equipment, we ensure that you use products in a controlled and effective manner. This way, we significantly reduce your operating costs.

The areas to be cleaned in enterprises such as factories and production facilities are very large. For this reason, it is very difficult to clean with manual equipment. The most effective method for cleaning large areas is to use cleaning machines. Cleaning machines to be used in production, storage and office areas should be selected by considering parameters such as the size of the area to be cleaned, the type of floor, and the frequency of cleaning to be performed. BSY Kurumsal offers the most accurate machines to its customers with its cleaning machine sales and service experience based on many years and integrates this into cleaning processes.  

Cleaning equipment and supplies

For cleaning to be effective and noticeable, it is very important to use the right cleaning equipment and tools. The areas to be cleaned in the factory have different structural features. The right equipment should be selected for cleaning different floors, tables and chairs, windows, carpets, hard floors, sinks and toilets.

We serve production facilities with a very extensive portfolio that includes all kinds of products you may need for cleaning. We have both economical and superior quality products in our portfolio such as microfiber cleaning cloths, mop and mop apparatus, cleaning sponges, floor and glass cleaning apparatus, disposable gloves, floor pads. 

Waste Management Products

Waste management processes in production facilities are processes that must be carefully managed. Wastes generated as a result of production and individual use should be separated, contributed to the recycling processes or disposed of. The recycling units and the correct selection of the garbage bags to be used in the separation process contribute to managing your processes smoothly.

Our patented brand Secco garbage bags are the symbol of economy and quality. We offer you a product portfolio of garbage bags suitable for every usage area with our Secco brand extensive product family.

We provide the opportunity to support an environmentally friendly approach to your organization and give your spaces a high-level visual with the recycling units specially designed for the common areas of your factory or industrial facility.

Stationery products

Industrial facilities are large businesses with many employees. Depending on the nature of the work done, production personnel, technical personnel such as engineers, management units such as accounting, finance, procurement and human resources work together. Each unit needs different stationery products according to its area of business. We supply products to industrial facilities with a wide portfolio from writing and drawing materials to presentation and planning products, from filing products to photocopy and printing paper, from all types of desktop stationery to office devices. BSY Kurumsal is ready for product supply and service for numerous stationery materials used in every corner of the factories. 

Cartridge and Toner

There is no such thing as “out of toner” for production facilities operating 3 shifts, machines that never stop, businesses whose lights are not turned off. The technical units and administrative units of the production facilities receive the printouts for all their needs with original and high quality equivalent cartridges, toners and ribbons. BSY offers original and high quality equivalent toner from international brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, Oki, Epson, Xerox, Lexmark, with a wide portfolio to factory customers with compatible printer information.