BSY Kurumsal is at your service with its expert staff whenever cleaning professionals are needed. By producing professional solutions that will reduce your costs, we offer you all the equipment you need in your projects with the guarantee of fast and timely delivery.

Cleaning Chemicals and Machines

Cleaning companies are professional service companies that manage the cleaning operations of their customers in different sectors. They have to produce solutions according to different places and areas. Delivery of the same standards to operations in remote locations is only possible with well-trained teams. The biggest assistant of cleaning professionals is the products and equipment they use.

As BSY Kurumsal, we serve cleaning professionals with a wide range of cleaning chemicals tailored to the needs of different areas. We supply basic products such as surface cleaners, general cleaning products, WC and bathroom cleaners, polish and polish removers at the most affordable prices, and produce solutions with environmentally friendly and highly concentrated products according to the needs. We include cleaning staff in regular training programs that include the latest innovations, and we help you reduce your consumption subject to correct product use.

Cleaning professionals compete with time in cleaning operations. Generally, customers have to complete their cleaning services outside of working hours. In this time-competitive process, they need cleaning machines to be able to clean both quickly and effectively. Machines such as silent vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning and washing machines, wet dry vacuum machines, carpet washing machines, polishing machines are products that cleaning companies frequently use and which should be included in their portfolio. When choosing a cleaning machine, the most important criteria are that the machine is fully effective in the work to be done, easy to use, long-lasting and durable, with economical spare parts and service.

As BSY, we supply many international brands with the most affordable prices. We recommend machines with the best features in their field without regard to a single brand, and help you choose the right product. We provide regular trainings on machine use and provide a perfect service with the support of our partners.

Cleaning Tissues

Cleaning firms supply cleaning tissues for the daily hygiene needs of their employees in management units and according to the demands of their customers in their projects.

With Secco, our patented brand as BSY Kurumsal, we offer you cleaning tissue products that can be used in all areas of your management offices and by customers with superior quality and competitive prices. The bulk purchase agreements we make enable you to give your customers the most competitive prices, and we contribute to controlling costs by sending products in the same standards to your projects.

Waste Management Products

Cleaning companies manage different waste management processes in their projects. While only paper waste is generated in office cleaning, raw material wastes in industrial facilities and medical wastes in hospitals must be collected and disposed of. Therefore, they need garbage bags that are specialized according to the waste to be collected. It is very important to use the right product in projects to control costs.

As BSY Kurumsal, we offer quality and savings together in your waste collection processes in your projects with our agreements with leading manufacturers and our patented brand Secco. We accurately analyze the areas where garbage bags are used in your projects and help you reduce your costs by offering suggestions to help you choose the right product.

Garbage bins and containers in which wastes are stored and transported should be carefully selected as well as garbage bags in waste management processes. BSY Kurumsal supplies you with a wide portfolio from metal and plastic trash cans to containers needed by cleaning companies in their projects at the most affordable prices.

Consumable Cleaning equipment

Different cleaning processes require the use of specialized equipment according to the area. Cleaning professionals carry out cleaning processes in many different areas such as floors, WC and sinks, glasses, exterior facades with different features.

As BSY Kurumsal, we serve with a wide portfolio that includes all kinds of products that cleaning professionals may need. We keep both economical and superior quality products such as microfiber cleaning cloths, wet mops, orlon mops and microfiber mops, cleaning sponges, floor and glass cleaning apparatus, disposable gloves, floor pads, etc. in our portfolio.

We offer services with a wide range of personal hygiene products such as hand disinfectants, masks, disposable outfits.

Cartridge and Toners

There are no businesses that do not need a printer. There are printers in every office, in every industry, whether small or large. Cleaning and management companies also use printers of different capacities according to their size. With E-Conversion systems, original and high-quality equivalent cartridges, toners and ribbons are among the BSY Corporate product portfolio for all businesses that issue e-invoices and send products with delivery notes. BSY Corporate offers its customers original and high quality equivalent toner of international brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, Oki, Epson, Xerox, Lexmark, together with compatible printer information..


Cleaning and management companies have specific visit plans. They forward each visit plan as notes to the driver or dispatch staff. They also visit the addresses on their checklist and perform their services. Note papers, pens, binder files make their work easier. The personnel working in their offices also keep records of the services, they use plastic folders and files. The expert team of BSY, which analyzes the sectoral deficiencies of its customers and offers suitable solutions for them, confidently offer quality products of selected brands in stationery materials.